Landscape Services

Luke’s Lawn Service offers a full range of installation and maintenance services for properties of all sizes and styles. Whether you’re renovating an existing landscape or starting from scratch the LLS team assists their clients through the entire process.

Planting and selection is equally important for outdoor spaces. Our services also include providing guaranteed tree and shrub installation as well as planting your annuals, perennials and other spring and summer flowers to enhance your property.

When we started offering our landscape services, we ensure that we have the finest landscaping materials and supplies that we could use for our projects. Landscaping can increase the resale value of a property, but for those who are not yet thinking of resale value, there are numerous non-monetary benefits to enjoy from professional landscaping. The beauty of a well-manicured, green lawn with mulch and colorful plants or shrubs will make any property owner proud.


Delivery and installation of mulch from single to double shredded natural brown or black mulch. Contact us for other options. If requested, for an extra fee, bed preparation can be done.

Lawn Install

Proper grading is imparative for a long term properly drained and easy mowing lawn. New lawn installation may include rough or soft grading and the use of fresh finely screened topsoil. Once preparation is done, new seed will then be planted.

Decorative Stone Install

We offer installation services for any of our landscape idea or ideas of your own. This service includes a variety of plant materials and use of Decorative stone instead of mulch.

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