Tree Cutting and Trimming Services

We provide a wide range of tree and landscaping services here at Luke’s Lawn Service such as tree removal, tree trimming, topping, pruning, stump removal, brush removal and root remval to name just a few. The most common service we get the most calls for are tree trimming services.

When facing the decision to remove a tree, keep in mind that the longer a damaged tree goes untouched, the more it withers away. Extensive decomposition of a tree will lead to a riskier tree removal process, can lead to many unexpected falling branches, and a dying tree can also affect the property around it, as well as possibly spread disease and\or infection.

After chopping down a tree, the work isn’t completely done.There’s still a stump and tree root that needs to be removed. In fact, chopping or sawing down a tree is the easy part. Removing the stump and roots is a whole different story. At Luke’s Lawn Service, we have the tools and machinery to remove those unwated stumps and roots so that you can plant new grass without the worry of the tree re-growing.

Tree & Branch Trimming

Trimming allows your plant to grow healthy and retain its natural shape. We offer our trimming services to all types of shrubs and most trees, big or small.

Complete Tree Removal

Every tree is either an asset or liability. We can work with you to safely and efficiently remove your tree or trim it to protect your home.

Root/Stump Removal

Depending on the type of stump removal process required, roots may be simply dug out with a Bobcat or grinded to downsize the stump for easier extraction.

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